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74 Titles
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The Rise and Fall of Athens: Nine Greek Lives

Author : Plutarch
Subject : History
Year : Secondary
Edition  1/01/1964
ISBN : 9780140441024
RRP : $9.95
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The Rise and Fall of Athens: Nine Greek Lives Nine Greek biographies illustrate the rise and fall of Athens, from the legendary days of Theseus, the city's founder, through Solon, Themistocles, Arist...

Two Plays: It Just Stopped & Myth Propaganda and Disaster in Nazi Germany

Author : Sewell Stephen It Just Stopped
Subject : History
Edition  1/01/2007
ISBN : 9780868198170
RRP : $29.99
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Written with searing passion and dazzling momentum, Myth, Propaganda and Disaster in Nazi Germany and Contemporary America reverberates with the aftershocks of September 11. With compelling drive and ...

Unity and Diversity Australia Since 1850

Author : Darlington Robert
Subject : History
Edition  1/01/2002
ISBN : 9780864627186
RRP : $72.95
Our Price: $ 70.73     
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Unlocking the Past 2nd Edition

Author : Lawless Jennifer
Subject : History
Edition  27/09/2007
ISBN : 9780170136792
RRP : $83.95
Our Price: $ 83.03     
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REPRINTING DUE 07.06.2012 Unlocking the Past: Preliminary Studies in the Ancient World has been revised for the NSW Ancient History syllabus (2005). Updated throughout to meet the requirements o...

Access to History: Britain 1450-1509

Author : Turvey Roger
Subject : History
Year : Secondary
Edition  26/11/2010
ISBN : 9781444110074
RRP : $44.95
Our Price: $ 44.90     
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The Access to History series is the most popular and trusted series for advanced level history students, offering: - Authoritative, engaging and accessible content - Comprehensive coverage of the AS...

Albert Speer Historical Personalities of the Twentieth Century

Author : Van Tol David
Subject : History
Edition  1/01/2008
ISBN : 9781921228674
RRP : $37.95
Our Price: $ 37.53     
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Albert Speer: Historical Personalities of the Twentieth Century has been written specifically with the senior modern history student in mind. Its easy-to-read biographical style makes it an excellent ...

America in Revolution Spirit of Change

Author : Cantwell John
Subject : History
Edition  1/01/2004
Alternate ID  P02677
ISBN : 9780074714102
RRP : $69.95
Our Price: $ 69.23     
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This text examines the story of an event that changed the world: the American Revolution. A detailed narrative takes students through the key events of the revolutionary period and introduces them to ...

Ancient and Medieval China Cambridge Junior History Series

Author : Dunshea Chris
Subject : History
Series : Junior History
Year : 7 & 8
Edition  1/01/2001
ISBN : 9780521776509
RRP : $21.95
Our Price: $ 21.55     
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Ancient and Medieval China covers the period from the primitive settlements of 500,000-6,500 B.C. to the Qing Dynasty of 1644-1911 A.D. It investigates social groups and classes, and introduces promin...

Ancient Greece - Using Evidence

Author : Bradley Pamela
Subject : History
Edition  7/11/2000
ISBN : 9780521796460
RRP : $69.95
Our Price: $ 65.53     
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This book presents in an innovative and effective way a detailed coverage of Greek history from the period of colonisation through to the death of Alexander the Great. A prologue introduces the reader...

Ancient Greece for Senior Students

Author : Bowman Robyn
Subject : History
Year : Greece
Edition  1/10/2007
Alternate ID  P06749
ISBN : 9780170134637
RRP : $45.95
Our Price: $ 45.43     
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Ancient Greece for Senior Students is a new topic book suited to students of Senior Ancient History in Queensland. It provides detailed studies on five themes from the syllabus. DATE OF PUBLICATION: ...
74 Titles
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