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Latin Language - a Handbook for Students

Author : Oliver/Boyd
Subject : Latin
Year : Latin
Edition  1/01/1989
Alternate ID  P01552
ISBN : 9780050042878
RRP : $71.95
Our Price: $ 64.99     
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Oxford Latin Course 1 Student Book (2nd Edn)

Author : Balme Maurice
Subject : Latin
Edition  2/05/1996
Alternate ID  P01548
ISBN : 9780199122264
RRP : $61.95
Our Price: $ 60.03     
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OXFORD LATIN COURSE 1 STUDENT BOOK Balme Maurice Provides teachers and students alike with a modern, inviting and structured way to sustain interest and excellence in Latin. Based on the reading of o...

The Aeneid

Author : Virgil
Subject : Latin
Year : Secondary
Edition  10/10/2007
ISBN : 9780140455380
RRP : $29.95
Our Price: $ 28.95     
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The Aeneid is a sweeping epic of arms and heroism and a searching portrait of a man caught between love, duty, and the force of his own destiny. Here, Fagles brings to life the timeless journey of Aen...

The Early History of Rome

Author : Livy
Subject : Latin
Year : Secondary
Edition  16/10/2002
ISBN : 9780140448092
RRP : $9.95
Our Price: $ 8.95     
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The Early History of Rome 'I hope my passion for Rome's past has not impaired my judgement; for I do honestly believe that no country has ever been greater or purer than ours or richer or in good cit...

Arriba Kolkowska

Out of Print Title - Hard To Get.
Author : Kolkowska Ana Mitchell Libby
Subject : Latin
Year : Spanish
Edition  1/01/1995
ISBN : 9780435390112
RRP : $43.95
Our Price: $ 9.99On Sale     
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Arriba Kolkowska Ana Mitchell Libby Arriba! is a four level comprehensive, communicative course for beginners of Spanish, for age levels 11-16. The units in each level consist of: language items pre...

Cambridge Latin Bk 1 Student Bk (4e)

Author : Cambridge
Subject : Latin
Year : 7 & 8
Edition  30/12/1899
Alternate ID  P00347
ISBN : 9780521635431
RRP : $39.95
Our Price: $ 38.35      Secondhand: $ 19.99     
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Book 1 contains explanatory language notes with grammatical tables and vocabularies, practice examples, background information and illustrations and a vocabulary checklist for each stage. The layouts ...

Cambridge Latin Bk 2 Student Bk (4e)

Author : Cambridge School Classics Project
Subject : Latin
Year : 8 & 9
Edition  20/03/2000
Alternate ID  P00348
ISBN : 9780521644686
RRP : $40.95
Our Price: $ 22.99On Sale      Secondhand: $ 14.99     
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Cambridge Latin Course Book II replaces Unit IIA and Unit IIB: Integrated Edition and covers Cambridge Latin Course Stages 13-20. The Integrated edition is still available, however, and will stay in p...

Cambridge Latin Bk 4 Student Bk (4e)

Author : Cambridge
Subject : Latin
Year : 9 & 10
Edition  1/01/1997
Alternate ID  P03419
ISBN : 9780521797931
RRP : $46.95
Our Price: $ 43.93     
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Cambridge Latin Course Book IV replaces Unit IIIB: Integrated Edition and covers Cambridge Latin Course Stages 29-34. The Integrated Edition is still available, however, and will stay in print while t...

Cambridge Latin Course Book 3a (Integrated Edition)

Out of Print Title - Hard To Get.
Author : Cambridge
Subject : Latin
Year : Latin
Edition  1/01/1999
ISBN : 9780521389488
RRP : $40.95
Our Price: $ 9.99On Sale     
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The Cambridge Latin Course is a well-established introductory program in four Units, originally developed by the Cambridge School Classics Project. Under the sponsorship of the North American Cambrid...