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The Fiftieth Gate

Author : Baker Mark Raphael
Subject : HSC Novels
Year : HSC
Edition  1/01/1997
ISBN : 9780732258047
RRP : $19.99
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Fiftieth Gate is a love story and a detective story, a study of history and of memory, this spellbinding new work explores a son's confrontation with the terror of his parents' childhood. Published...

Maybe Tomorrow

Author : Pryor Boori Monty
Subject : English Novels
Year : HSC
Edition  1/01/1998
ISBN : 9781742372440
RRP : $24.95
Our Price: $ 22.95     
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With Meme McDonald, Boori leads you from the Aboriginal fringe camps of his birth to the catwalk, basketball court, DJ console and more. This is the story of his life, his pain, his joy and his hopes.

On Giants Shoulders

Author : Bragg Melvyn
Subject : English Novels
Year : HSC
Edition  1/01/1999
ISBN : 9780340712603
RRP : $27.95
Our Price: $ 25.95     
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The fascinating story of science unfolds in this account of the lives and extraordinary discoveries of twelve of its greatest figures - Archimedes, Galileo, Newton, Lavoisier, Faraday, Darwin, Poincar...

If On a Winters Night a Traveller

Author : Calvino Italo
Subject : VCE Novels
Year : HSC
Edition  1/01/2002
ISBN : 9780099430896
RRP : $14.99
Our Price: $ 8.99On Sale     
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Calvino's masterpiece opens with a scene that's reassuringly commonplace: apparently. Indeed, it's taking place now. A reader goes into a bookshop to buy a book: not any book, but the latest Calvino, ...

Enders Game

Author : Card Orson Scott
Subject : English Novels
Year : HSC
Edition  1/01/2002
ISBN : 9781904233022
RRP : $16.95
Our Price: $ 15.95     
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Ender Wiggin is Battle School's latest recruit. His teachers reckon he could become a great leader. And they need one.A vast alien force is headed for earth, it's mission: the annihilation of all huma...

Itinerant Blues

Author : Watson Samuel Wagan
Subject : English Novels
Year : Nsw
Edition  3/04/2002
ISBN : 9780702232824
RRP : $19.95
Our Price: $ 18.95     
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Itinerant Blues, leaving behind neon nights and misspent passions, these poems take to the highway with the muse riding shotgun. NSW HSC 2007

When the Wind Blows

Author : Briggs Raymond
Subject : English Novels
Edition  1/04/1987
ISBN : 9780140094190
RRP : $19.95
Our Price: $ 19.45     
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HSC 2007

Selected Poems Robert Browning (Penguin Classics)

Author : Browning Robert
Subject : English Novels
Year : HSC
Edition  21/09/2000
Alternate ID  P03738
ISBN : 9780140437263
RRP : $19.99
Our Price: $ 18.99     
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Henry James called Robert Browning (1812-89) 'a tremendous and incomparable modern', and the sheer immediacy and colloquial energy of his poetry ensure its enduring appeal. Browning paints landscapes ...

Silas Marner

Author : Eliot George
Subject : English Novels
Year : Vce
Edition  10/03/2004
ISBN : 9780141439754
RRP : $9.95
Our Price: $ 9.90     
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Silas Marner Authors: Eliot George Wrongly accused of theft and exiled from a religious community many years before, the embittered weaver Silas Marner lives alone in Raveloe, living only for w...

Hai 1 Workbook

Author : Burnham Sue
Subject : Japanese
Year : 7
Edition  1/01/2002
Alternate ID  P01126
ISBN : 9781876209858
RRP : $21.95
Our Price: $ 21.23     
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With six semester-length, topic-based stages, Hai! is geared to the crucial middle years where student motivation and experience of progress are so important. Hai! 1 & 2 are equivalent to 1 years wor...
5076 Titles
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