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Physical Education & Health Workbook 2

Out of Print Title - Hard To Get.
Author : Davis Damien Et Al
Subject : Physical Education
Edition  1/01/2004
Publisher  Macmillan Education
ISBN : 9780732992330
RRP : $29.99
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This workbook for middle secondary provides a wide range of short, self-contained topics that can be used for classroom theory and activities and as support for practical activities. It covers the core theory and practical units common to all Physical Education and Health courses.

The workbook provides teachers with maximum flexibility to choose topics applicable to their own curriculum content. The write-in feature enables students to keep a clear record of their work while minimising teacher preparation time.

Special features:
An activity-based approach throughout
Practical record-keeping sheets for use throughout the year
Worksheets on a range of popular sports
Quizzes, research assignments, assessment tasks and other activities that can be used for practical
class support material, theory classes, extras or replacement classes, wet weather days or homework
Write-in facility designed to minimise teacher preparation and allow students to keep a record of
their work
Caters for different learning styles by providing a range of learning tasks and outcomes.

The topics are cataegorised into five key sections:
1 Physical activity
2 Momement analysis
3 Personal development
4 Health issues
5 Sport and recreation