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Collins German Dictionary

Author : 
Subject : Text
Edition  2/01/2008
Alternate ID  P01033
ISBN : 9780007252756
RRP : $75.00
Our Price: $ 72.90     
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Oxford Big Ideas History 9 Australian Curriculum Teacher Kit + Obook/Assess

Author : Wilson Joanne
Subject : Text
Year : 9
Edition  22/01/2013
ISBN : 9780195576979
RRP : $166.95
Our Price: $ 161.83     
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Oxford Big Ideas History 9 Australian Curriculum Teacher Kit + obook/assess Each Teacher Kit includes all pages from the student book scaffolded with wraparound notes on teaching strategies, lesson...

Start Cooking!

Author : Home Economics Victoria
Subject : Text
Edition  13/05/2008
ISBN : 9781420224573
RRP : $43.50
Our Price: $ 42.53     
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All home economics classes begin with two ideas: every student can cook, every student should cook. Start Cooking puts them into action. Start Cooking is a resource for students learning to cook, p...

Excel Step-By-Step Maths Study Guide Yr7

Author : Petris Joannou V.
Subject : Text
Year : 7
Edition  14/11/2005
ISBN : 9781741251524
RRP : $36.95
Secondhand: $ 14.99     
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Too many students fear Maths, find it confusing, or simply donít reach their potential. This book contains a simple, specially constructed six-step approach that ensures the grasp of key maths concept...

Systems Engineering Vce Units 1-4 (3rd Edn) (Nelson)

Author : O'Neilpat
Subject : Text
Year : Secondary
Edition  21/12/2012
Alternate ID  P02711
ISBN : 9780170227452
RRP : $81.95
Our Price: $ 81.03     
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Nelson Systems Engineering VCE Units 1-4 has been thoroughly updated and produced in full colour for better student learning. This comprehensive and useful resource book has two new chapters on digita...

Oxford Japanese Mini Dictionary

Out of Print Title - Hard To Get.
Author : Dictionaries Oxford
Subject : Text
Edition  7/02/2012
ISBN : 9780199692705
RRP : $15.95
Our Price: $ 4.99On Sale     
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This is the reissued Oxford Japanese Mini Dictionary - now in an attractive new format. This small dictionary offers the most accurate and up-to-date coverage of essential, everyday vocabulary with o...

Penguin Dictionary of Chemistry : Approx 2 Weeks Delay From Order

Author : Sharp D W a
Subject : Chemistry
Year : Secondary
Edition  1/09/2003
Alternate ID  P00636
ISBN : 9780140514452
RRP : $24.95
Our Price: $ 23.95     
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he Penguin Dictionary of Chemistry is the ideal source of information for students of all sciences, whatever their level, and for anyone who encounters chemical terms in the course of their everyday w...

Studyon Vce Chemistry 2 Units 3 & 4 Text / Ebookplus (2e)

Author : Taylor
Subject : Chemistry
Series : StudyON Texts Series
Year : Vce 3 & 4
Edition  30/11/2012
Alternate ID  P06377
ISBN : 9781118498125
RRP : $89.95
Our Price: $ 86.37     
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Chemistry 2 Second Edition has been revised and enhanced to specifically include the latest VCAA study design updates. The Chemistry 2 textbook also includes references to studyON VCE Chemistry Units ...

Keys to Fieldwork

Author : Aust Geography Teachers Assoc. (Agta)
Subject : Text
Edition  21/11/2008
ISBN : 9781420224733
RRP : $55.50
Our Price: $ 54.33     
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Excel Riam Mathematics Yr 7 (Revise in a Month)

Author : Jones Allyn
Subject : Text
Edition  1/10/2004
ISBN : 9781741250602
RRP : $24.95
Our Price: $ 22.95     
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5070 Titles
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