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    Maths Quest 8 Ac Australian Curriculum Edition Homework Book

    Out of Print Title - Hard To Get.
    Author : Smith
    Subject : Mathematics - Secondary
    Series : Maths Quest
    Year : 8
    Edition  6/12/2010
    ISBN : 9781742162850
    RRP : $19.95
    Our Price: $ 9.99On Sale      Secondhand: $ 8.99     
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    The Maths Quest 8 Australian Curriculum Edition Homework Book complements the Maths Quest 8 Australian Curriculum Edition textbook with a variety of activities including homework sheets, rich tasks an...

    Maths Quest 8 Ac Australian Curriculum Edition & Ebookplus

    Out of Print Title - Hard To Get.
    Author : Smith Catherine
    Subject : Mathematics - Secondary
    Series : Maths Quest
    Year : 8
    Edition  28/02/2011
    ISBN : 9781742162843
    RRP : $64.95
    Our Price: $ 34.99On Sale     
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    Maths Quest 8 for the Australian Curriculum is written specifically for the new Australian Mathematics curriculum and includes a comprehensive coverage of all the content strands: Number and Algebra, ...

    Macquarie School Dictionary (H/B 3e) + Compact Speller

    Author : Macquarie
    Subject : Dictionaries / Thesaurus
    Year : Secondary
    Edition  12/08/2010
    Alternate ID  P03622
    ISBN : 9781742462882
    RRP : $35.95
    Our Price: $ 25.99On Sale     
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    Australia's National Dictionary, the third edition of the best-selling Macquarie School Dictionary provides students with a fully updated, authoritative and user-friendly guide to language in both its...

    Jacaranda Atlas + Ebookplus 7th Edition

    Author : Jacaranda
    Subject : Atlases
    Year : Secondary
    Edition  23/07/2010
    Alternate ID  P10251
    ISBN : 9781742461267
    RRP : $64.95
    Our Price: $ 29.95On Sale      Secondhand: $ 24.99     
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    Jacaranda Atlas + EBookPLUS 7th Edition Continuing Jacaranda's legacy as the pre-eminent publisher of school Atlases, 2010 marks the introduction of two exciting titles; the Jacaranda Atlas 7th Ed...

    Nelson Peak Performance Phys Ed Vce Units 1&2 Workbook

    Author : Telford Amanda
    Subject : Physical Education
    Year : Vce 1 & 2
    Edition  24/12/2010
    Alternate ID  P03584
    ISBN : 9780170187312
    RRP : $28.95
    Our Price: $ 19.95On Sale     
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    Nelson Peak Performance Physical Education Workbooks is an exciting new write-in workbook, constructed by a highly experienced author team to assist students with their VCE success. Written as a compa...

    Food for Vce Units 1 & 2

    Author : Lasslett Sally
    Subject : Food & Technology
    Year : Vce 1 & 2
    Edition  8/02/2010
    Alternate ID  P03551
    ISBN : 9780521138062
    RRP : $69.95
    Our Price: $ 49.99On Sale     
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    Food for VCE Units 1&2 has been written by experienced practicing teachers to support different learning styles, providing complete coverage of the new VCE Food and Technology study design implemented...

    A+ Further Notes With Ti-Nspire Cas Vce Units 3 & 4

    Out of Print Title - Hard To Get.
    Author : O'Connell Mark
    Subject : Mathematics - Secondary
    Series : A +
    Year : Vce 3 & 4
    Edition  17/12/2010
    Alternate ID  P03566
    ISBN : 9780170190800
    RRP : $30.95
    Our Price: $ 19.99On Sale      Secondhand: $ 14.99     
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    A+ Further Notes with TI-Nspire CAS VCE Units 3&4 [McRae] Further Notes with TI-Nspire (CAS) is a comprehensive new study guide that is designed to enhance the skills and confidence of students st...

    A+ Psych Notes Vce Unit 4 3rd Ed

    Out of Print Title - Hard To Get.
    Author : Milesi Peter
    Subject : Psychology
    Series : A +
    Year : Secondary
    Edition  25/08/2010
    ISBN : 9780170180603
    RRP : $24.95
    Our Price: $ 9.99On Sale     
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    Psych Notes VCE Unit 4 provides an invaluable summary of VCE Psychology Unit 4. Designed to be easy to use, it contains comprehensive summary notes, graduated difficulty multiple choice and short answ...

    A+ Legal Studies Exam Vce Units 3&4 & Cd 5th Ed

    Author : Humphries Michelle
    Subject : Legal Studies
    Series : A +
    Year : Vce 3 & 4
    Edition  4/10/2010
    Alternate ID  P03570
    ISBN : 9780170186940
    RRP : $27.95
    Our Price: $ 21.99On Sale     
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    Legal Studies Exam VCE Units 3 & 4 Fifth Edition has been completely revised and updated to precisely match the 2011 VCE Legal Studies Study Design. The workbook contains 12 practice tests of graduate...

    Justice and Outcomes 11th Ed Legal Studies Vce 3 &4

    Out of Print Title - Hard To Get.
    Author : Beazer Margaret
    Subject : Legal Studies
    Year : Vce
    Edition  19/10/2010
    ISBN : 9780195571028
    RRP : $77.50
    Our Price: $ 19.99On Sale     
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    Victorias bestselling VCE Legal Studies series has fully been updated for the new study design and includes recent changes in the law. The texts provide detailed information in an easy-to-read form...
    555 Titles
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