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Creating Drama 2nd Edition

Author : Burton Bruce
Subject : Drama
Year : 9 & 10
Edition  3/11/2003
ISBN : 9780733964022
RRP : $53.50
Our Price: $ 49.27     
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Creating Drama (2nd edition) has been extensively re-written and redesigned to provide a complete class text for students studying Drama in Years 9 and 10 across Australia. This new edition also links...

Drama Reloaded

Author : Elliot Peter
Subject : Drama
Year : 9 & 10
Edition  16/12/2011
ISBN : 9780521183123
RRP : $44.95
Our Price: $ 42.27     
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Using an eclectic mix of classic and contemporary drama texts from Australia and around the world, Drama Reloaded draws students into the world of drama with a particular focus on plays and the thea...

Dramatexts - Creative Practice for Senior Drama Ebook Plus

Author : Yaxley
Subject : Drama
Edition  1/01/2009
ISBN : 9780731409617
RRP : $40.50
Our Price: $ 37.99     
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EBook Plus EBook plus is an online version of the student text and supporting multimedia Resources. Purchase here. receive a registration key to use at logon.

Dramatexts - Creative Practice for Senior Drama Students & Ebookplus (Qld)

Author : Strube
Subject : Drama
Edition  5/11/2009
ISBN : 9780731407194
RRP : $61.95
Our Price: $ 58.99     
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Dramatexts - Creative Practice for Senior Drama Students & eBookPLUS This exciting new Drama text explores the way Drama is 'jumping spaces' from theatre to film to cyberspace, and is now suppor...

Heinemann Performance: a Practical Approach to Drama Textbook

Author : Mcnamaramarygai & Tourelle
Subject : Drama
Year : Drama
Edition  1/03/1998
ISBN : 9780864620798
RRP : $53.90
Our Price: $ 49.95     
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Performance a Practical Approach to Drama Tourelle Louise Mcnamara Marygai This textbook aims to develop expressive and improvisional skills, playbuilding strategies, acting technique and critical r...

Making Drama 2nd Edition

Author : Burton Bruce
Subject : Drama
Year : 7 & 8
Edition  23/08/2005
ISBN : 9780733971419
RRP : $53.50
Our Price: $ 49.27     
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Nelson Drama for Secondary Students

Author : Roy David
Subject : Drama
Edition  24/02/2009
ISBN : 9780170178303
RRP : $47.95
Our Price: $ 47.90     
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Nelson Drama for Secondary Students is a complete guide to acting for junior secondary students. This full-cover textbook takes students through the important skills of: * Playbuilding * P...

Acting Smart Drama Version 6

Author : Jane Bird, Richard Sallis
Subject : Drama
Year : Secondary
ISBN : 9780975105665
RRP : $65.00
Our Price: $ 39.95On Sale     
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Overview of units 1 & 2. Step by step guide to units 3 & 4. Student worksheets. Resource section and more. Author: Jane Bird; Richard Sallis ISBN: 9780975105665 Subtitle: Version 6

Centre Stage 2nd Ed

Author : Clausen Mathew
Subject : Drama
Year : Drama
Edition  1/01/2005
ISBN : 9781740813372
RRP : $56.90
Our Price: $ 52.37     
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Centre Stage Second Edition is designed to provide students with a two-year course in Drama. It has been substantially rewritten for the revised NSW Drama syllabus and comprehensively covers the essen...