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Mathematics - Secondary

109 Titles
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Mathsworld 8 Vels + Cd

Out of Print Title - Hard To Get.
Author : Vincent Jill
Subject : Mathematics - Secondary
Series : MathsWorld
Year : 8
Edition  16/12/2005
ISBN : 9780732991814
RRP : $61.99
Secondhand: $ 12.00     
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This book is part of the only core series that has been written from the ground up to meet the requirements of VELS. To cater for the wide range of students in your class exercise questions are gra...

Mathsworld 9 for Queensland Practice & Enrichment Workbook

Out of Print Title - Hard To Get.
Author : Vincent
Subject : Mathematics - Secondary
Edition  12/09/2008
ISBN : 9781420228717
RRP : $16.99
Our Price: $ 7.99On Sale     
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The student workbooks are an integral part of the Macmillan MathsWorld series. This book contains a series of practise and enrichment student worksheets which complement the content of MathsWorld 9 f...

Mathsworld 9 Text and Workbook Pack

Out of Print Title - Hard To Get.
Author : Caruso Natalie
Subject : Mathematics - Secondary
Series : MathsWorld
Year : 9
Edition  13/12/2006
ISBN : 9781420209006
RRP : $68.99
Our Price: $ 64.99     
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This pack contains one copy each of the MathsWorld 9 Student Edition and MathsWorld 9 Workbook

Middle School Mathematics Patterns & Algebra 4&5 Inc Cd

Out of Print Title - Hard To Get.
Author : Driver David
Subject : Mathematics - Secondary
Edition  28/02/2004
ISBN : 9780074713570
RRP : $82.95
Our Price: $ 19.90On Sale     
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It includes a connectionist approach to teaching and learning with a strong emphasis on use of concrete materials in learning. CD included

National Numeracy Tests Year 7 a+ National Practice

Author : Bodey Wendy
Subject : Mathematics - Secondary
Year : Secondary
Edition  3/11/2010
ISBN : 9780170181778
RRP : $17.95
Our Price: $ 17.90     
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Numeracy Practice Tests Years 7 and 9 are workbooks that provide students with a series of practice tests as well as comprehensive information and worked examples on all sections of the Years 7 and 9 ...

Nelson Math Year 9 Advantage Vels Ed

Author : Evangleou Chris
Subject : Mathematics - Secondary
Year : 9
Edition  7/08/2007
ISBN : 9780170134675
RRP : $50.95
Our Price: $ 47.95     
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This publication is a student textbook for Victorian students completing Year 9 Mathematics who are struggling with the mainstream curriculum. These students require a format that is clear, uncluttere...

Nelson Maths 10 Vels Edition 4th Edition

Author : Adamson
Subject : Mathematics - Secondary
Series : Nelson Maths
Year : 10
Edition  25/10/2006
ISBN : 9780170130356
RRP : $64.95
Our Price: $ 61.95     
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This new edition of Nelson Maths 10 contains a wide range of unique features and a vast array of materials that allow you to teach the way you want to teach. Each component is designed to provide s...

Nelson Qmaths 7 Australian Curriculum 1st Ed

Author : Brodie Ross
Subject : Mathematics - Secondary
Year : 7
Edition  14/10/2011
ISBN : 9780170194730
RRP : $62.50
Our Price: $ 62.45     
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Nelson QMaths for the Australian Curriculum 710 is a new series that has been developed to support teachers implementing the Australian Mathematics Curriculum for Years 710 students in Queensland. E...

New Century Maths 7 for the Australian Curriculum 5th Ed

Author : Carrozza Gaspare
Subject : Mathematics - Secondary
Year : 7
Edition  11/10/2011
ISBN : 9780170188777
RRP : $59.95
Our Price: $ 59.90     
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New Century Maths for the Australian Curriculum Year 7 is designed to meet the requirements of the new Australian Curriculum for Year 7. Written by the original NSW author team, the new edition Year 7...

New Century Maths 9 5.1 5.2 Student Text 2nd Edition Inc Cd

Author : Badger / Adams / Skene
Subject : Mathematics - Secondary
Series : New Century Maths
Year : 9
Edition  5/10/2003
ISBN : 9780170107907
RRP : $65.95
Our Price: $ 65.90     
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The New Century Maths unique two-book approach reflects the numerous pathways of learning as described in the new syllabus, providing flexibility to meet the needs of students of all abilities.
109 Titles
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