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English Novels

263 Titles
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Soraya the Storyteller

Author : Hawke Rosanne
Subject : English Novels
Edition  1/05/2004
Alternate ID  P02637
ISBN : 9780734407092
RRP : $16.99
Our Price: $ 8.99On Sale      Secondhand: $ 4.99     
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Speaking in Tongues

Author : Bovell Andrew
Subject : English Novels
Year : Secondary
Edition  1/03/2011
Alternate ID  P03575
ISBN : 9780868199030
RRP : $19.95
Our Price: $ 9.99On Sale      Secondhand: $ 5.99     
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Two couples set out to betray their partners. A lover returns from the past and a husband doesn’t answer the phone. A woman disappears and a neighbour is the prime suspect. Contracts are broken betwee...

Specky Magee

Author : Arena F Lyon G
Subject : English Novels
Edition  1/01/2002
ISBN : 9780207198298
RRP : $16.95
Secondhand: $ 7.90     
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Specky Magee Arena F Lyon G Specky Magee is twelve years of age and mad about Australian Rules football. He is also a very talented player. Not that anyone in his family would know - or care. Speck...


Author : Bowler Tim
Subject : English Novels
Edition  1/01/2002
ISBN : 9780192719249
RRP : $29.95
Secondhand: $ 6.99     
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"Good hands, Luke", Dad had said. So don't ever put them to bad use. Yet that's just what Luke is about to do - break into a house and prove he's a real part of the gang. But nobody is prepared for wh...

Starting Shakespeare Collins

Author : Boagey Eric
Subject : English Novels
Edition  1/01/1998
ISBN : 9780003222975
RRP : $47.95
Our Price: $ 46.97     
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A best–selling introduction to Shakespeare, his world and his plays. 250g

Stolen (Play)

Author : Harrison Jane
Subject : English Novels
Year : Nsw
Edition  12/01/2006
Alternate ID  P02692
ISBN : 9780868197975
RRP : $22.99
Our Price: $ 19.99     
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Stolen tells of five young aboriginal children forcibly removed from their parents, brought up in a repressive children's home and trained for domestic service and other menial jobs. Segregated from s...

Stony Heart Country

Author : Metzenthen David
Subject : English Novels
Edition  1/01/1999
ISBN : 9780140279085
RRP : $19.95
Secondhand: $ 7.99     
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Story of Tom Brennan

Author : Burke J.C.
Subject : English Novels
Edition  3/10/2005
Alternate ID  P03016
ISBN : 9781741660920
RRP : $17.95
Our Price: $ 16.95     
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For seventeen-year-old Tom, life is about rugby, his mates and his family, who are well respected in their small country town. But a night of celebration changes his life forever. Tom's older brother,...

Storyweavers (Australian Short Stories)

Author : Bernhardt Sandra
Subject : English Novels
Year : Secondary
Edition  14/07/2006
Alternate ID  P02698
ISBN : 9780732992682
RRP : $33.99
Secondhand: $ 9.99     
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Strange Objects

Out of Print Title - Hard To Get.
Author : Crew Gary
Subject : English Novels
Edition  1/01/2000
ISBN : 9780733610677
RRP : $17.95
Secondhand: $ 5.99     
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Book is signed by Gary Crew CBC Book of the Year: Older Readers. Premiers Literary Award Winner. NSM State Literary Awards Children's Book Award Winner. On 4 June 1629 the Dutch vessel Batavia struck...
263 Titles
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