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16 Titles
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Ciao Amici 2 Italian Workbook

Author : Riviello / Calabrese
Subject : Italian
Series : Ciao Amici
Year : s 9 & 10
Edition  1/01/2004
ISBN : 9780701638030
RRP : $31.95
Our Price: $ 30.66     
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YEARS 9 - 10 Ciao amici! 2 Workbook supports the Ciao amici! 2 textbook and CD-ROM, and includes reading, writing, listening and grammar activities. The 10 units are designed to follow the correspond...

Ecco Due Value Pack (Incl Textbook Workbook & Cd)

Author : Sedunary Michael Et Al
Subject : Italian
Series : Ecco
Year : 7
Edition  25/03/2009
Alternate ID  P00682
ISBN : 9781740819787
RRP : $113.10
Our Price: $ 104.99     
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The Ecco! due Value Year Pack contains: * 1 copy of Ecco! due Textbook * 1 copy of Ecco! due Student's Workbook * 1 copy of Ecco! due Student CD-ROM The Ecco! series treats student...

Ecco Uno Students Work Kit

Author : Trevisan / Kearns / Bentivoglio
Subject : Italian
Series : Ecco
Year : 7 & 8
Edition  1/10/2007
Alternate ID  P00687
ISBN : 9781740851619
RRP : $53.70
Our Price: $ 49.99     
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The Ecco! uno Student's Work Kit contains: 1 copy of Ecco! uno Workbook and 1 copy of Ecco! uno Student CD-ROM Published by Heinemann in November 2007 for Junior Secondary.

Ecco Uno Textbook

Author : Sedunary / Posterino /Kearns
Subject : Italian
Series : Ecco
Year : Italian
Edition  10/10/2007
Alternate ID  P00686
ISBN : 9781740851589
RRP : $65.10
Our Price: $ 59.99     
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Ecco! uno Textbook provides a fun-filled, clearly sequenced and comprehensive introduction to Italian language and culture for junior secondary students. Published by Heinemann in 2007 for Junior Se...

Esplora Level 1 Student Book

Author : Ghezzi Margherita
Subject : Italian
Edition  24/09/2007
ISBN : 9780170135511
RRP : $59.95
Our Price: $ 59.85     
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Esplora! Level 1 Student Book Conditional copy has writing on front cover This ground breaking new series is a collaboration between Prof Joseph Lo Bianco and Nelson and models best-practice int...

Esplora Level 2 Workbook & Dvd

Author : Ghezzi Margherita
Subject : Italian
Series : Esplora
Year : Secondary
Edition  14/05/2008
Alternate ID  P00818
ISBN : 9780170135542
RRP : $39.95
Fair Condition: $ 14.99
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Please note: Fair condition has working on 1st 18 pages (DVD unopened) This ground breaking new series is a collaboration between Prof Joseph Lo Bianco and Nelson and models best-practice intercu...

Forza Uno Textbook

Out of Print Title - Hard To Get.
Author : Sedunary Micheal
Subject : Italian
Year : Italian
Edition  1/01/1996
ISBN : 9781863915335
RRP : $49.95
Our Price: $ 11.99On Sale      Fair Condition: $ 7.99
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In Forza! uno the line between language and culture is deliberately blurred. Reading passages, exercises and activities are rich in cultural content and at the same time call for an active response in...

Italian Grammar Made Easy

Author : Wesson Alan; Zollo Mike
Subject : Italian
Edition  15/12/2005
ISBN : 9780340904978
RRP : $52.95
Our Price: $ 24.99On Sale     
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The Grammar Made Easy series is ideal for complete beginners as well as for those non-linguists who have some knowledge of the language but need to know the basics of grammar to progress beyond phrase...

Oxford Italian Study Dictionary 2nd Ed

Author : Bressan Dino Glennan Patr
Subject : Italian
Edition  1/01/2006
Alternate ID  P01386
ISBN : 9780195553109
RRP : $26.95
Our Price: $ 26.37     
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* The only Italian dictionary available specially designed for use in schools * Now contains an Italian Life and Culture section at rear * Over 75,000 words, phrases and translations ...

Pronti Via 1 Workbook a

Author : Katismarisa Minelle
Subject : Italian
Edition  15/09/2000
ISBN : 9780170101219
RRP : $27.95
Our Price: $ 27.85     
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The Pronti, via! 1 Workbook A covers Units 1-9 and provides a rich resource of practice material containing lots of graded listening, reading and writing tasks, and fun activities such as puzzles and ...
16 Titles
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