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English Novels

264 Titles
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Death of a Salesman Pmc (Penguin Classics)

Author : Miller Arthur
Subject : English Novels
Edition  1/01/2000
Alternate ID  P00608
ISBN : 9780141182742
RRP : $16.95
Our Price: $ 15.95     
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In the autumn of 1948 Arthur Miller retreated to a log cabin in his garden with the first two lines of a new play already fixed in his mind. He emerged six weeks later with the final script of Deat...

Dip in the Pool a Short Story Anthology

Out of Print Title - Hard To Get.
Author : Stevens John
Subject : English Novels
Year : Novels
Edition  1/01/2001
ISBN : 9780195532050
RRP : $51.50
Our Price: $ 29.99On Sale     
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As an anthology, A Dip in the Poole encourages students to explore how different authors construct plots, use language, introduce characters and handle themes. A comprehensive guide to answering ques...

Dispossessed : a Tale of Modern Rural Australia

Author : Hodgins Philip
Subject : English Novels
Edition  1/01/1994
ISBN : 9780207182945
RRP : $17.95
Secondhand: $ 7.99     
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It is 1988, the year of celebrations. But not everyone feels invited. During the last weeks before eviction from their land, a farming family is dispossessed more than once. Against the myth of idylli...

Does My Head Look Big in This?

Author : Abdel-Fattah Randa
Subject : English Novels
Edition  1/08/2005
Alternate ID  P00649
ISBN : 9780330421850
RRP : $16.95
Secondhand: $ 9.90     
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The slide opened and I heard a gentle, kind voice: What is your confession, my child? I was stuffed. The Priest would declare me a heretic; my parents would call me a traitor… The Priest asked me ag...

Don'T Call Me Ishmael

Author : Bauermichaelgerard
Subject : English Novels
Edition  1/06/2011
Alternate ID  P01385
ISBN : 9781862919327
RRP : $19.99
Our Price: $ 17.95     
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'There's no easy way to put this, so I'll say it straight out. It's time I faced up to the truth. I'm fourteen years old and I have Ishmael Leseur's Syndrome. There is no cure.' But that won't stop Is...


Author : Fusillo Archimede
Subject : English Novels
Edition  1/01/2001
Alternate ID  P02923
ISBN : 9780141313344
RRP : $17.95
Our Price: $ 13.99On Sale     
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From the author of the highly successful Sparring With Shadows comes an irresistable, inspiring and brilliantly evocative story of family love, loyalty and wisdom. Paul is trying to escape from an Ita...

Electra and Other Plays Penguin Sophocles Watling Trans

Out of Print Title - Hard To Get.
Author : Sophocles
Subject : English Novels
Edition  1/01/1953
ISBN : 9780140440287
RRP : $10.95
Secondhand: $ 4.99     
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E. F. Watling's vivid translation is accompanied by an introduction in which he discusses Sophocles' use of a third actor to create new dramatic situations and compares the different treatments of the...

Emma Oxford World'S Classics

Out of Print Title - Hard To Get.
Author : Austen Jane
Subject : English Novels
Edition  1/01/1995
ISBN : 9780192833570
RRP : $16.95
Our Price: $ 6.99On Sale     
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Emma is considered by many to be Austen's finest and most representative novel. The story of Emma Woodhouse's matchmaking, and her awakening to the true feelings of others as well as herself, is told ...

Every Man in This Village is a Liar

Author : Stack Megan
Subject : English Novels
Edition  3/05/2011
Alternate ID  P07802
ISBN : 9781921844096
RRP : $24.99
Our Price: $ 19.99On Sale      Secondhand: $ 12.99     
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A few weeks after the planes crashed into the World Trade Center on 9/11, journalist Megan Stack, a 25-year-old national correspondent for the Los Angeles Times, was thrust into Afghanistan and Pakist...

Fahrenheit 451

Author : Bradbury Ray
Subject : English Novels
Edition  3/11/1993
Alternate ID  P00903
ISBN : 9780006546061
Our Price: $ 18.88     
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FAHRENHEIT 451: THE TEMPERATURE AT WHICH BOOK PAPER CATCHES FIRE AND BURNS.Guy Montag is a fireman. His job is to burn books which are forbidden being the source of all discord and unhappiness. Even s...
264 Titles
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