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English Novels

429 Titles
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Binna Binna Man

Author : Mcdonald Meme/Pryor Boori
Subject : English Novels
Edition  1/01/1999
ISBN : 9781865080710
RRP : $15.95
Our Price: $ 15.45     
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'The Binna Binna man is a big fulla and he stinks like a goat. He can be good and heal you, but if you poke fun at him then you can get into big trouble, like die.'In Binna Binna country you should...

Birds of America

Author : Moore Lorrie
Subject : English Novels
Year : Secondary
Edition  1/07/2005
ISBN : 9780571197279
RRP : $24.95
Our Price: $ 22.95     
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BIRDS OF AMERICA With her characteristic wit and piercing intelligence she unfolds a series of portraits of the lost and unsettled of America, and with a trademark humor that fuels each story with ...

Black Earth - the Eden Glassie Series

Out of Print Title - Hard To Get.
Author : Forrestal Elaine
Subject : English Novels
Edition  4/10/2004
ISBN : 9780143300700
RRP : $14.95
Our Price: $ 6.99On Sale      Secondhand: $ 4.99     
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One leg of Bronte's jeans caught fire and she staggered, dropping her precious show saddle from her shoulder. A flame shot up her back. She screamed and fell. There's tension at Eden Glassie these...

Black Snake

Out of Print Title - Hard To Get.
Author : Wilkinson Carole
Subject : English Novels
Year : Secondary
Edition  1/11/2005
ISBN : 9781876372156
RRP : $16.95
Our Price: $ 6.99On Sale     
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Bleak House

Author : Dickens Charles
Subject : English Novels
Year : Secondary
Edition  21/01/2009
ISBN : 9781843548539
RRP : $24.95
Our Price: $ 23.95     
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Everyone knows that Dicken's Bleak House is a literary classic. But how many know it was the first detective novel too? Introducing Crime Classics, from Atlantic Books. Description Everyone knows ...

Blue Murder the Screenplay

Author : David Ian
Subject : English Novels
Edition  1/01/2002
ISBN : 9780868196305
RRP : $21.95
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Set in Sydney in the early 1980s, the multi-award winning television drama Blue Murder centres on the notorious friendship between a crim, Neddy Arthur Smith and a copper, Detective Sergeant Roger ...


Author : Murray-Smith J
Subject : English Novels
Edition  1/11/2004
Alternate ID  P00283
ISBN : 9780868197517
RRP : $22.99
Our Price: $ 22.93     
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Bombshells is a series of outrageous portraits of six women barely coping with the stresses of modern life.

Bone Man of Kokoda

Out of Print Title - Hard To Get.
Author : Happell Charles
Subject : English Novels
Edition  1/04/2008
ISBN : 9781405038362
RRP : $32.95
Our Price: $ 14.99On Sale     
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Bone Man of Kokoda Happell Charles Kokichi Nishimura was a member of the 2nd battalion, 144th Regiment of the Japanese Imperial Army. In 1942 he fought along every foot of Kokoda as the Japanese atte...

Border Crossing

Author : Barker Pat
Subject : English Novels
Year : Vce
Edition  1/01/2004
ISBN : 9780140270747
RRP : $24.95
Our Price: $ 19.99      Secondhand: $ 11.90     
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When Tom Seymour, a child psychologist, plunges into a river to save a young man from drowning, he unwittingly reopens a chapter from his past he'd hoped to forget. For Tom already knows Danny Miller....

Boy and Going Solo

Author : Dahl Roald
Subject : English Novels
Year : Novels
Edition  1/01/1992
ISBN : 9780141311418
RRP : $22.95
Our Price: $ 18.95     
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429 Titles
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