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Heinemann Media 2

Out of Print Title - Hard To Get.
Author : Dunscombe / Anastasios-Roberts
Subject : Media
Edition  1/10/2004
Publisher  Heinemann
ISBN : 9781740813358
RRP : $53.95
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Heinemann Media 2

By Roger Dunscombe, Melinda Anastasios-Roberts, Kevin Tibaldi and Andrew Hyde
Heinemann Media 2 is written for Year 12 Media students. To ensure the book's content and approach support a range of Media Studies courses, the manuscript has been reviewed by a national team of experienced teachers and content specialists.

Key features:

* highly visual and engaging design
* topic-based units written at an accessible language level with clear and concise explanations of key terms and concepts
* a variety of learning activities, detailed summaries and regular section review questions
* extension sections with activities to outline more advanced thinking on topics
* examination of production techniques for a wide range of media including multimedia, film and television, photography, print and radio/sound
* historical information contextualised against modern perspectives of the Australian media industry and organisations
* analysis of issues such as the construction of narrative and media influence


* Chapter 1: Narrative
* Film narrative
* Production elements
* Story elements
* Chapter 2: Social Values and Social Contexts
* Social values
* Social values in the text
* Whose social values does the text reflect?
* Social values in print
* Social values in television
* Social values in film
* Social values and animation
* Chapter 3: Media Influence
* What is communication?
* Mass media
* Communication models and theories
* Cultural effects and reception theories
* Communication models
* Texts, effects and audiences
* Language in the media
* Evaluating and analysing research
* Chapter 4: Production
* Generating ideas
* Intention
* Audience
* Specifications
* Media skills
* Designing the production plan.