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Soldier On the Hill

Author : French Jackie
Subject : English Novels
Edition  1/01/1997
ISBN : 9780207196379
RRP : $16.95
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Getting It Together 2

Out of Print Title - Hard To Get.
Author : Eshuys /Guest /Lennox
Subject : Physical Education
Year : 8
Edition  1/01/1998
ISBN : 9780170102186
RRP : $61.50
Our Price: $ 19.99On Sale      Fair Condition: $ 9.99
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The second of 2 books based on the curriculum profile for Australian Schools. Attractive full colour presentation, each chapter is based on a strand in the Curriculum Profile and covers 2 or 3 outcome...

English Elements 3 Inc Cd 2nd Edition

Out of Print Title - Hard To Get.
Author : Guest Eshuys
Subject : English Textbooks
Series : English Elements
Year : 9
Edition  23/07/2003
ISBN : 9780701635053
RRP : $59.95
Our Price: $ 14.99On Sale     
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The highly successful English Elements series is now in its second edition. The new edition retains the strengths of the previous edition while adding exciting new material to reflect best practice i...

Route Nationale 1 Student Book

Out of Print Title - Hard To Get.
Author : Briggs/Goodman Stephens
Subject : French - Secondary
Year : French
Edition  1/01/1992
ISBN : 9780174395003
RRP : $36.50
Our Price: $ 9.99On Sale     
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Secondhabd condition, last copy. Provides material for a wide range of abilities.Encourages and supports maximum use of target language.Emphasises the importance of active learning. French.

Investigating Japan Prehistory to Postwar Reconstruction

Out of Print Title - Hard To Get.
Author : Miocevich Grant
Subject : History
Series : Longman Modern History
Year : Japanese
Edition  1/01/1999
ISBN : 9780733901638
RRP : $33.95
Our Price: $ 19.99On Sale     
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The Longman Modern History Series is written for students in the 15 to 17 age group. Investigating Japan uses the inquiry approach to cover the period between 1850 to 1955, and also covers the early ...

Merchant of Venice Macmillan for Study & Performance

Out of Print Title - Hard To Get.
Author : Keyte Brian (Editor)
Subject : English Study Guides
Edition  1/01/1993
ISBN : 9780732918767
RRP : $24.04
Our Price: $ 9.99On Sale      Secondhand: $ 8.99     
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Each Scene is accompanied by a practical workshop that focuses on three major areas; Stagecraft; Language & Issues.

That Eye the Sky

Author : Winton Tim
Subject : English Novels
Edition  1/01/1995
ISBN : 9780140274042
RRP : $24.95
Our Price: $ 9.99On Sale     
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Ort knows the sky is watching. He knows what it means to watch; he spends long hours listening at doors and peering through cracks. Things are terribly wrong. His father is withering away, his sister ...

Bacchae and Other Plays

Author : Euripides
Subject : English Novels
Year : Secondary
Edition  29/12/2000
Alternate ID  P02892
ISBN : 9780140440447
RRP : $9.95
Our Price: $ 5.99On Sale     
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The Bacchae and Other Plays: Ion; The Women of Troy, Helen; The Bacchae The plays of Euripides have stimulated audiences since the fifth century BC. This volume, containing Phoenician Women, Baccha...

Bridge to Terabithia

Author : Paterson Katherine
Subject : English Novels
Edition  1/01/1995
ISBN : 9780140366181
RRP : $16.95
Our Price: $ 9.99On Sale      Secondhand: $ 6.99     
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t was Leslie who invented Terabithia - the secret country on an island in the dry creek. Here Jess could be strong, unafraid and unbeatable. So when something terrible happens, Jess finds he can face ...


Author : Cross Gillian
Subject : English Novels
Edition  1/01/1994
ISBN : 9780140348262
RRP : $14.95
Our Price: $ 6.99On Sale      Secondhand: $ 5.99     
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Wolf is a Winner of the Carnegie Medal. "A gripping multi-layered novel" -Guardian.
497 Titles
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