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English Study Guides

128 Titles
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Reluctant Fundamentalist Insight Text Guide

Author : Shlezinger Keren
Subject : English Study Guides
Series : Insight Text Guide
Edition  1/12/2010
Alternate ID  P03816
ISBN : 9781921411670
RRP : $17.95
Our Price: $ 17.17     
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Insight Text Guide for Mohsin Hamid's The Reluctant Fundamentalist.

Richard Ii York Notes

Out of Print Title - Hard To Get.
Author : Keeble N. H
Subject : English Study Guides
Series : York Notes
Edition  1/09/1980
ISBN : 9780582037601
RRP : $14.95
Fair Condition: $ 3.99
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York Notes are ideal study guides & offer a high standard of literary criticsm, stimulating ideas & thought provoking questions.

Riders Smartstudy

Out of Print Title - Hard To Get.
Author : Good Ian
Subject : English Study Guides
Series : Neap
Edition  1/01/2000
ISBN : 9781864780208
RRP : $12.95
Fair Condition: $ 2.99
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This guide includes: notes about the author / director / poet / playwright an overview of the historical and cultural context chapter/scene/story summaries character profiles analysis of th...

Romeo & Juliet (Oxford School Shakespeare)(6e)

Author : Shakespeare William
Subject : English Study Guides
Series : Oxford School Shakespeare
Edition  1/11/2008
Alternate ID  P02466
ISBN : 9780198321668
RRP : $17.95
Our Price: $ 17.33      Secondhand: $ 8.99     
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Romeo and Juliet, in the popular Oxford School Shakespeare series, updated with a fresh new look. Oxford School Shakespeare is an acclaimed edition especially designed for students, with accessible ...

Romeo and Juliet (Cambridge School Shakespeare) 3rd Edition

Out of Print Title - Hard To Get.
Author : Gibson Rex (Editor)
Subject : English Study Guides
Series : Cambridge School Shakespeare
Year : 9 - 12
Edition  1/01/2001
Alternate ID  P02465
ISBN : 9780521618700
RRP : $13.95
Our Price: $ 8.99On Sale     
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Romeo and Juliet Cambridge School Shakespeare. The new 3rd edition remain faithful to the Cambridge School Shakespeare active approach, which treats each play as a script to be acted, explored and ...

Romeo and Juliet (Macmillan Modern Shakepeare)

Author : Shakespeare
Subject : English Study Guides
Edition  1/01/1995
Alternate ID  P02458
ISBN : 9780333393437
RRP : $29.99
Our Price: $ 26.79     
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Romeo & Juliet with notes has been designed especially for secondary school students. The play text has been prepared with their requirements in mind. Comprehensive notes appear next to the text for e...

Romeo and Juliet (New Cambridge Shakespeare) (2e)

Author : Evans / Gibbons / Braunmulle
Subject : English Study Guides
Series : New Cambridge Shakespeare
Year : 11 & 12
Edition  27/06/2003
Alternate ID  P11218
ISBN : 9780521532532
RRP : $19.95
Our Price: $ 17.95     
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The Shakespeare of choice for advanced level students, New Cambridge Shakespeare has been edited and prepared by an international team of scholars, reflecting the best contemporary Shakespearean resea...

Romeo and Juliet Heinemann - New Classroom Shakespeare

Author : Ryan Jo
Subject : English Study Guides
Year : 9 & 10
Edition  1/06/2004
Alternate ID  P02459
ISBN : 9781740811866
RRP : $32.95
Our Price: $ 31.93     
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The New Classroom Shakespeare approach provides multiple access points for engaging with Shakespeare's plays. Detailed understanding of the text is the foundation of further study and is the basis of ...

Romeo and Juliet Insight Text Guide

Author : Bladen Victoria
Subject : English Study Guides
Series : Insight Text Guide
Edition  1/12/2010
ISBN : 9781921411656
RRP : $17.95
Our Price: $ 17.17     
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Insight Text Guide for William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet Longman School Shakespeare

Author : Pearson Education Australia
Subject : English Study Guides
Year : Secondary
Edition  1/03/2010
ISBN : 9781408236895
RRP : $26.95
Our Price: $ 26.03      Secondhand: $ 5.99     
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Longman School Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet * Visually stunning and engaging Shakespeare editions * The most accessible and supportive editions - even for low-attainers. * The easiest...
128 Titles
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