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HS History

Town That Fooled the British a War of 1812 Story

Author : Papp Lisa
Subject : HS History
Year : Primary
Edition  10/05/2011
ISBN : 9781585364848
RRP : $24.95
Our Price: $ 23.95     
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St. Michaels, Maryland, is a town of shipbuilders whose reputation for crafting powerful schooners carries far beyond the shores of young America. And once the War of 1812 starts, that's not necessari...

Gallipoli Story

Author : Carlyon Patrick
Subject : HS History
Year : Secondary
Edition  14/04/2003
ISBN : 9780143001430
RRP : $19.95
Our Price: $ 19.45     
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The men were huddled in lifeboats. Some prayed that their legs would work. Some smiled to show they weren't scared. They peered into the darkness ahead and saw nothing. Then, the dark shape of a ma...

No More Borders for Josef

Author : Chase Diana
Subject : HS History
Year : Secondary
Edition  3/07/2006
ISBN : 9781921064371
RRP : $16.95
Our Price: $ 16.45     
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Orphaned in the brutal Balkans conflict, thirteen year old Josef is forced to flee dramatically through the forest to the border. Frightened, angry and deeply traumatised he then suffers the uncertai...